Our gunsmith shop is set up to handle Trouble shooting, Servicing and Gun repair. We work on all firearms from Revolvers to Full auto. Our gunsmith shop carries a Class 7 Federal Firearms License. ( FFL) for manufacturing. So for some of those broken and discontinued parts we have the ability to fabricate many of them.Colorado Arms Repair is also a retail distributor for most all brands of firearms. For those of you that find great deals out-of-state, We offer FFL transfer services for those guns.

Monday : Closed
Tuesday 10:am - 6: pm
Wednesday 10: am - 6: pm
Thursday 10:am - 6: pm
Friday 10: am - 6: pm
Saturday 10:am - 5: pm
Sunday : Closed

Colorado Arms Repair is a full time gunsmith shop with normal business hours. No need for an appointment, Just stop in during normal business hours and lets get those firearms working. We are open Tuesday through Friday 10:am - 6:pm and Saturday 10:am to 5:pm

Colorado Arms Repair
Henry Valenzano
1705 N. Chestnut St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 719-634-1484
Fax: 719-635-8223
Colorado Arms Repair

Colorado Arms Repair  : Will be Closed from June 10th through June 22nd For some family medical issues. My smiling face should be back here  bright and early on June 25th to take care of your firearm needs! Sorry for any inconvenience! I will be on line on and off through this process to answer questions and help with scheduling. Email is 

Colorado Arms Repair